Saturday, October 22, 2011

1647 : Bhakti and the innocent hedonist

(and hell no… Bhakti is not the name of a lady in this post Smile)

I moved apartments a few months and my new neighbours, to put it very mildly are exaggerated in their demonstration of religious symbolism (prayer, idols, chanting, recorded singing… get the drift).

Their door is usually open in the morning, and when I peep in – its like staring into a freshly decorated altar. Their living room is where there are more idols and photos and flowers than a nearby temple…and this is every single day.

(When I speak to spousey, I always refer to this abode as “The Temple”).

No right and wrong in this business Smile. I am sure they look at us with an equally “aghast” expression…..

“No idol….no prayer….no chanting….no flowers…..and loud pop(its dire straits or DMB) music in the morning….aiyo aiyo !! what is this….a chamiya dance bar…)”

The more I see them, I am very sure that of the three possible ways of “realizing” our inner being (dhyana-meditation, karma – actions, and bhakti – devotion) – the last one has the least charm for me.

A world in which symbols constantly mask the reality of being – I find it hard to be allured by such a promise.

And when my mom does ask me “did I go to the temple”, I now-a-days truthfully tell her, in Tamil, “yes mom, peeked into a temple, just this morning” !!

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