Sunday, September 11, 2011

1634 : The hedonists

My new apartment complex is a built a bit like a resort (yes!!)…it has three gigantic pools and quite a few seating zones around it…and some fantastic lighting at night.

Picture this.

There are about six thatches that house about 3 park benches each, laid all around the pool. In the mornings, a few groups aggrandize these seats regularly for their regular meets.

There is a Ramdev baba camp (the kind that huff and puff), there is a bunch of folks doing meditation elsewhere….

…but….the two thatches closest to my balconey….are monopolized by a set of older men (septuagenarians…I think)..each thatch occupied by about 8 to 10 men….

These two thatches are about 100 feet away from each other.

Now one bunch is occupied by a group of raucous older mean, with raging testosterones, they laugh aloud, scream and keep gossiping wildly….seriously!!…they seem like a bunch of girlfriends in a cat chat.

The other (which is housed 100 feet away), does prayer chanting in harmony. They look full of purpose and seriousness with their eyes closed and postures still.

Guess who is having more fun, will live longer and in general, seem the more healthy lot?

Guess which group I will join when I turn 60?

Livin la vida loca Smile

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