Sunday, September 11, 2011

1631 : Airtel is a big four letter word @ Bangalore

Its been a bloody 28 days and my connection has not got shifted yet. The airtel folks just avoid talking about it.

And yes of course, they keep encouraging me to go in for a new connection.

And of course, they are F*ing monopoly in my complex.

And, I know at least quite a few yuppies who are equally disgruntled with Airtel to the point that they are moving to another provider…the movement is definitely gathering steam….a tad slower than the Anna movement.


Sunil bhai, watch out….you are steadily losing customers on voice to Vodafone and on the dish to Tatasky(who seem to have got it perfect with customer service….their service is indeed world class).

Years ago (6 to be precise, I moved my phone from Airtel…because they fucked me up)…..

Its time to kiss them goodbye on broadband as well.

(The only silver lining…the infrastructure from airtel is good….so till it works, it works well….God forbid if you get on the side of a problem….)

Its time to short Bharti….they can only go south….feedback on the ground is usually the bell weather dipstick.

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