Friday, September 02, 2011

1629 : When the world ends

Ok let me admit, I am usually a very peaceful and composed person – I have seen terrible accidents unravel in front of my eyes and I have been completely at ease with the way the moment has played out.

Through most of life I am in a Zen like state….and if this sounds immodest and like a personal drum roll…well so be it.

So am I Alan Watts? Up until a few days ago, even I deluded myself that I am getting there, my own anger problem notwithstanding.

In the past few days, it almost seems like all of that was a big bloody sham. My delusional self has caught up with the unwinding of the world around me. Its like someone made a dent into my wraith, and the Zen-ness is slowly leaking out. All I am left with is this is crummy angry bastard who is losing his calm over the tiniest of the provocations.

I am beginning to see how it is that a huge tower implodes. Once a tiny glass shatters, the resulting explosion sets in motion a few more, and these in turn sequentially a few more, until a point when your world seems to be caving into the black-hole called Nothing.

And thats when the wall caves in, and the singularity begins.

(If this post sounds like a babble, well, its my wires crossing into each other!!)

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