Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1626 : The reluctant Zen Buddhist

Contrary to what Zen says, my own view is, Anger gives you focus and energy. Its just that usually this is used by men to achieve ends which are perceived to be “negative” and thats perfectly understandable.

Is that a new age Zen thinker, or just an angry man justifying Smile

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mr bojangles said...

well according to the evolution theory we are all born with certain instincts.

these instincts have come about through a process of natural selection - if an instinct is beneficial to the organism to survive, the trait is passed on. else, the trait dies out.

note that a trait having survived does not imply it was good or bad in a holistic sense. it only means that at some point, it was conducive to survival.

anger, fear, love, competitiveness, sexual desire - you'll find a host of primary instincts. they say the best way to determined 'learned traits' vis-a-vis 'innate traits' are to observe animals.

now since these instincts were beneficial at some point, it is likely that they are still helpful (though this is not necessarily true as evolutionary changes are more additive than subtractive).

coming to your take on anger - since it exists, it must be good for you (one could take it as an interpretation to god is great).

but just as in any other instinct, don't let it get the better of you.

Abhyarth said...

Anger, in this context, is the entity that you need to focus. A true meditation should be without any entity. Shoonya. An clear absence of every "thing".
Easier said than done, off course :)