Thursday, August 11, 2011

1612 : The world comes a full circle

Raavan has been changing since he landed in India. Bangalore is so much pleasant that Jaffna, which btw, should be the world’s largest open air oven.

Recently he has picked up a new mannerism…while laughing his eyes close…to the extent that you can hardly see his eyes.

My lovely sister does exactly the same, and thats her most endearing part.

So here I am sitting and wondering…where is the plumbing…how did my sister’s blood flow into Jaffna?

I don’t know…these are bloody brain numbing questions. I was telling Raavan…life is never worth enough to count the blessings….so enjoy while it lasts….at least everytime I see him hide his cornea – I see another lovely face close to my heart as well Smile

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