Thursday, August 11, 2011

1610 : Yeh Dilli hain mere yaar

I am on a flight to Delhi (all of today’s posts have come offline on the flight) Smile

Next to me is this guy in a this posh silk kurta, with a nice kurti lehenga (the bottom I mean)…but he is wearing white socks and a pair of black leather formal shoes (this is the biggest fashion bummer I have seen in recent months). He is clearly a politico type. Speaks with that air of owning the world (which I have been told that every orderly in Delhi does!!).

He is using a white blackberry (thats quite an oxymoron!!)…is very rude to the airhostesses….is generally farting from both holes of his end (mouth and the other!!) Smile

A bombayite would say, this is the specimen of a perfect ass from delhi.

I am not going to generalise, but I do wonder…whats it about Delhi…air, water, blue line…what anyway Smile?

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