Thursday, August 11, 2011

1608 : The death of a the poet

I often end up debating with folks about “shoots and misses”…yes, you guessed right. I am a bit of stickler for language, and its inherent beauty.

And hell no…I am no stickler that a sentence should never start with an “and” Smile

What I do believe is – language should be used more than just a tool of “direct” communication, but it should also be a tool of “subtle” communication.

Whats the difference between “direct” and “subtle” communication….well all of humor is “subtle”, poetry is “subtle”, so is all kinds of metaphors and underhanded double entendre. Get the drift?

Where I do seem to be losing the battle – most modern folks that language is just functional – should be used for “direct” communication….so how do spellings, flowery usage and poetry fit in there at all?

They don't, at least in their scheme of things…its not important. And thats my lament. A generation without subtleties of language, might also lack depth and breadth of thought.

(If you walk into a book store and see the current titles of self published books, and even our booker winning Adaiga, you kind of know you are seeing the slow angsty death of the quality in written and spoken word.)

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