Thursday, August 11, 2011

1607 : Reading on the wall

I know a lot of folks equate “regular reading” with better intelligence…I also know quite some folks who think if you “read a lot” you shall write better.

I am no expert on this, so I will simply share an opinion…its very much possible, they probably are right.

Regular reading is useless for intelligence unless you are using that to build knowledge models of an existing skill. Example – if you are a photographer, or if you mind has that bent…reading Ansel Adams will most definitely help….but to the same person…Amitav Ghosh or an Adaiga (heaven help those who read them…and may peace be upon the writers) add absolute no value at all.

As to finding a correlation between reading and writing is similar to eating a chicken’s thigh and expecting your own muscles to become better.

Its pure unadulterated bumkum.

What will help though is if you read great writing…like a Kundera, Rushdie….again and again…that might make you a better writer. To write well, you cannot read Dan Brown (because that will teach you about a good plot) and not about good language.

I have found that I write best when I am my artistic hunger is constantly fed. So I use enough of my camera, it almost recharges me (akin an energiser bunny) to write better.

I have also consistently found some of my best inspiration in music (be it DMB, or Beethoven’s 9th or Yanni or Pt. Rashid Khan)

Opinion spewed. Case rests.

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Anonymous said...

You dont like Amitav Ghosh?? Why? - Mad