Thursday, August 11, 2011

1606 : Trivial pursuit

As urban crusaders who think they have conquered the epic peaks of modern life, we often end up deluding ourselves that this is all there is to an a grand finale.

We often believe that if someone were to be working for a facade of a MNC in a “key board pushing role”, he or she has arrived.

I often find that my colleagues and friends – of my age group and similar demographics – tend to make pedantic asses out of themselves by often lecturing folks from “outside” on how life should be…or to take a more specific example… “on how to be a better leader”. BOING BOING ASS !!

A vegetable vendor on the street, or the child labourer on the construction camp, has possibly more worldly gyan than he/she shall ever need. Its absolutely inane to posture that we shall “contribute” to their lives by talking or “educating them”.

They have enough of gyan, problems, hopes, aspirations, anger, death and you name it…what they dont have is just one thing….Money.

You probably have very little of what they have, but compared to their base, you are drowning in cash.

Guess where the balance tilts and by weight of what Sad smile

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