Thursday, August 04, 2011

1597 : Why great education never hurt anyone ? And why bad made you an industrial specimen

If you have been reading some of my posts in recent days you would know that I have had some growing interest in the field of child development and education.

I had posted about Reggio Emilia a few days ago and got my usual share of debates around this.

I think most of the debates in this territory focus on "how we turned out fine inspite of having studied in fairly industrial schools"....

There is also this hare brained belief that eventually "what makes Indians successful is this dog-eat-dog education system and the innate demands our education system puts on us.

For the record, in my view, the education puts no demands on us - other than an infinite ability to "accept without questioning", and secondly it also is a measure of our memory prowess...but that's where it stops for the best part.

What I think a lot of parents and teachers and "thinkers" miss is that - "good" industrial schooling was an essential perquisite only for clerical or "execution" based roles.

India was predominantly an "execution" economy in the 70s, 80s when we grew up. 

We are still an "execution" economy, but we are also much more. we do produce world class art, books, movies, music and the ilk. 

My kid can now aspire to grow up and become a dj, a sculptor, a stand up comedian...

Lets play this statically...The chances of being "different" in a manner where you can change the world is already about 5 in 100. If by chance you/ or your kid fall in that 5...going to Bishop cottons or nps will ruin, bludgeon and flatten any sharp edges you might have....that brings it down to 2 out of 100. Even if you are within the 2 then you still need to find the one thing that shall change the world. 

If you find that one then still need opportunity, the right exposure and lots of accompanying luck.

Get the drift ? But then that's why you only have 1 dalai lama, Steve jobs, Eric clapton and Dave Matthews.....

Going to a Tisb, or an ecodale mondial...just makes it slightly more easier to be the next lama.

If you are a parent, make it habit to choose the best for yourself and your kid...the best money and circumstances can afford....don't please choose a Bombay Scottish...if the oberoi international is within reach...take the last vestige of a tiny sliver of a chance, you owe it to your Kid, to yourself and most of all to uncle universe.

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