Wednesday, August 03, 2011

1596 : Blind man who taught me how to see

I work in a wormhole that I really take pride in...and on days like today, my pride further swells, almost to gargantuan proportions.

So what happened today ?
Picture this. 

My wormhole takes diversity and being an equal opportunity employer really quite seriously....much much more than casual lip service...

I had to deal with someone who is part of the admin. First I raised a help ticket...and when I actually walked to the table, saw a smartly dressed guy with his back to me. When he did turn to face me, he had glasses on, the size of a thick pebble..seriously, they were very very thick and I could see his zoomed up cornea from inside those glasses.

The screen on his desktop was allowing him use the mouse and keyboard, but was also showing him text in font size 100 (maybe) in a different area of the screen. He clearly was very visually disabled.

He patiently took my request, worked upon it, issues me the papers he had to. Asked me to help him with a few more details and I was done in seconds.

What bloody impressed me was - he was sitting in the midst of a floor of able bodied men (and women)....- and yet inspite of being different, he behaved as if he belonged there and served me just as fast.

At that moment - I felt tiny, my problems seemed tinier and my own ability to deal with such a personal situation (if at all it ever happened), made me ashamed and sheepish.

Here's to you big-glassed man...if I could, I would really hug you. As for my wormhole, one more reason I now know, why it is so much better than the street.
(just for the record, I have a lady in my team who can't hear at all without an aid...we hired her, but it was the firm that encouraged us. One thought - I most definitely know I am at the right place to work.)

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