Saturday, July 30, 2011

1586 : On your closing away

I am definitely reached a poised biased state in my life, where what I hold as sacrosanct, I do...and whatever I dont...I don't....

I no longer seem to have a drive to change views, people and the world.

I don't usually get sucked into conversations that debate the great incorrectness of choices in life.

While I do think, I have the desire in me to "help others see my light", I no longer seem to be having the energy.

My blog seems to be the one place, I still continue to be controversial, where I speak my mind, and continue to want to bat like Tendulkar.

Spousey was talking to me yesterday and asking me why do I feel okay about debates and brickbats via blog, and not across the table.

I's like this...the blog allows asynchronous conversation, it allows you (as a reader and as a writer) to write what you wan, ignore what you don't want...and nice tiny puddles of debates get created...."debates" that I am happy to play along with, because these are topics I helped spark, and are subjects which seemingly mean a lot to me.

As I am aging, I am turning out to be more of a social recluse....and strangely, that does not seem to surprise me....I think I have seen it coming for years.

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