Thursday, July 21, 2011

1561 : Let there be night....full of light...6th day revisited

Years ago when I was growing up at thane, I remember (in what remains) my house and it's locality. At night when we used to wish each other good night and goto sleep, it used to be pitch for a lonely tube light in our compound.
Yesterday night, at 2, when I stared out...not only was it bright all over with lights, but the sky seemed glowing with ambient light as well...and not the silver light of the stars but tungsten orange from a city still burning it's midnight fire.

The night is no longer pregnant with tomorrow, instead it is miscarrying the yesterday and burying it's today.
It's hardly surprising that modern cities are full of folks suffering from sleep disorders....our bodies were never meant to deal with so much visual energy especially at night.

It took God 6 days to eventually make has taken us virtually nothing to rummage and pillage that black beauty and render it completely colored.

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