Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1560 : For whom the bells toil

I am at this dangerous stage where a ravenous mid life crisis is about to strike....and for a person who holds work as sacred and quintessential....this unwinding can be a fall from grace.
It's a strange feeling to be in the spot I am...I sit and it all going to be worth it at all ?
Why grind and grime when you can cheat and the "personal greatness" all that important.
I remember Batman telling Harvey, "the city can't afford to see you wilt" or something to that effect....
First of all I am no Harvey, and I live in a city with no caves and guess Batman.

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mr bojangles said...

well, life is about survival (procreation is just one part of it). unless you have other means, you would need money and have to be of some use to others for them to pay you for your services.

true - personal greatness is really not important. but you might as well enjoy what you are doing (and you have written about this aspect often), afterall, you are spending a large part of your day at work. so if personal greatness is what it takes for you to enjoy, then so be it. to each his own.

Amitabh said...

Thanks bojangles....sometimes these words help....else I tire out.
You are have Dylan for company :-)