Sunday, July 17, 2011

1554 : What life could have been

I am a very strong proponent that we all live but once (yada yada!!, a million folks have said this before me!!), and that each of us has this potential of being Picasso, Steve Jobs, Beethoven, Kumar Gandharavor whatever we choose….to excel and reach the zenith (and hence find your own God and personal greatness…I can see no other purpose of life….other than the fucking and procreating business, of course).

I have been reading a lot about schools and child development (and adult development too…but thats for another post). One format that I have really liked is the famed Reggio Emilia mode of teaching.

To start this discussion with a decision, if I had a kid, and if I had a school nearby on this model – bingo…its a perfect match. I love schools (and organizations and people)who base themselves on “thought” and hence have an underlying philosophy.

If someone is going to convince me that studying at Regilio Emilia verus studying at DPS (Delhi Public School) makes no difference to the kid or his outlook, they can take a long walk, circle the earth and then come back and try. Also, I am not a believer in the fuckall theory that “our schools”, as in the hyper competitive cess pit that we call education – is what makes “us” Indians what we are…..I agree, but in a very different derogatory manner. What our schools do is essentially prepare us for a hare brained (I always spell it that way, never hair-brained…they mean slightly different things to meSmile) BPO job…. what they do is ensure that we forever remain the lumpen, the plebian and the conformal median types.

Lastly, the other arguement I have always heard is that – “Schools dont matter much, its the parents(and the time they spend with kids) which matter”….these are the same pea brained folks who also say that “whats in a place of work, all it does is it pays bills”. Any place where a kid (or an adult, or a dog) spend the best of their productive day cannot be “just another place”…it has to be the temple of modern day converts.

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Anonymous said...

I happen to share the same opinion. Our education system makes it pretty clear that we study only to get a job later.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, i don't think we are very successful even in that :)