Sunday, July 17, 2011

1552 : We wish you a merry celebration….the whirling can now stop :-)

For the record we attended a child's bday party today....her 1st...and as I sat through the 15 mins there I could see anguished children struggling with the lack of space, parents and adults - with an expression "has the host seen me, can I escape now?", magicians with "here comes the abused and tortured pigeon again"....the tattoo artist with "2 more hrs and then I head back home"...

Get the drift, it was a melee of souls - none of whom who wanted to be there out of volition.
And don't get me wrong, it was not this - but almost every modern celebration is a travelogue of symbolic travesty.

Where did we humans lose the plot ?
I still have snaps of my second bday - with a monkey cap et all...- everyone which includes my nanny, my sister, my parents and brother look happy...I look grim, but then I was always a little fucked excuse that.

If I ever have a baby, we will hark (and croak) back to days like "Sheila ki jawani" angsty parties for my little one...It will only be Allah, Mohammed and (his) char yaar :-), all laughing and having a jolly good time.


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