Saturday, July 16, 2011

1547 : To win or to just be

In the 3rd test against West indies, India needed 86 runs of the last 90 balls with 7 wickets on hand...and Dravid and Laxman at the crease....and guess what, India decided to give up....they chose not just not to press for a win, but also, they decided to call off the last 15 overs itself, an option you do have in cricket.

Enough has been said about this "safe" decision by Indians, so I won't press a dead point further...

....but worth contemplating that in modern day, a play off (sadly) is no longer is just "a play off", its instead part of a interconnected set of playoffs in which "winning" the match today is considered less important than saving your rank as #1 test playing nation.... (which were in this example on the two different sides of the stake).

This problem will not correct itself in cricket, unless one of the following happen:
1 either we push for a decision in every match we no "draw" or "backoff"
2 every win is directly linked to your overall ranking and also within the current in if you lose , you not only lose your #1 status, but also lose the world series....almost akin to professional tennis.

Changing track, a team that is not obsessed with "winning" will never be #1 for too long in my's almost as if, we have understood it all bloody was not #1 being chased up by bill gates ; the right order was microsoft, then lots of money and then #1...the obsession with "software" was key.

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