Friday, July 15, 2011

1545 : (Random thoughts) On the business of blowing it up

An unexpected bomb, as in a terrorist attack is a personal tragedy, but does it deserve the hype/over-reaction that media/civil society/establishment creates around it ?

In a game of cat and mouse, the mouse almost always seems to have the upper hand....and "personal tragedy" notwithstanding, there is no way to "really" prevent an attack....I think the 5th estate forgets that quite easily.

So does the "establishment"...both political and response to every attack, the security at airports, train stations, temples, mosques is supposedly beefed up immediately.....but that is so bloody counter-intuitive.

In my view the few days immediately post an attack, are probably the safest in that city. The terrorist have just "gone live" with a "project", they probably spent months working and planning for....they are going to have a "post go-live" party :-) in some sense of the word.

They are going to be under the radar for the next few days/months so why even bother woth the x-ray symbolism....Get the drift ?

As for me...I don't feel any safer because of the mirrors under my car, or the fact that my bags get scanned 4 times at an airport...not a hair more safer....infact in all pragmatism, I look at it as pure undiluted nuisance...the process is inane and archaic...very easy to beat....with a little practice and planning...a complete rookie like me could beat it....and we expect this harebrained process to trap the "practiced" terrorist :-)

Being a victim of a bomb is nothing but a bloody freak probability....and probability rules our life any which ways....from the very point we are conceived, to the point of the point of everyday shitting....everything is fairly and squarely out of our control....

Let's accept that life, death and the "incandescent terrorist attack in the middle"....are nothing but a set of numbers in a massive bayesian best you are 450,692,221 in a population of 6 billion.

Why bloody fight probability....why try and predict it (with scans, mirrors and hype)....

Now you know why I am a bloody floating fatalist :-)

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