Tuesday, July 05, 2011

1526 : WhoTF is Bubba Magillicutty?

I really don;t know…but now google tells me he is an established hacker and systems programmer.

How do I know him?

Well, in 1995 I started playing the first edition of Prince Of Persia, which was a version cracked by Bubba Magillicutty (remember in those days India has no access to legal software, let alone games).

I used to finish all levels legally, including the second last level, where you had a crazy guard who was almost impossible to kill unless you lost at least 2 lives in that process. Aha,that was so much fun Smile

The name stayed with me because I thought he was from Kerala Smile

(That was the era of Seirra’s Larry Lounge – an young adult game and Borland’s detective game (cant remember the name) of a guy who used to travel the world to solve crime)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah im remember the game called Carmen of San Diego... by Borland... good times... and prince of persia exellente game! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

The other game is Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Anonymous said...

Carmen Sandiego

LaBlu said...

Omg I remember when I was a kid in early 90s and I was playing Prince of Persia on my father 80286 and reading this name Bubba Magillicutty every time I ran the game. I admire this guy so much, he and Ron Gilbert are reasons why I studied computer science later. Today I was thinking about Bubba and I found your article, happy to see others remember him. I wish I could tell him: Bubba you inspired me!