Tuesday, July 05, 2011

1526 : WhoTF is Bubba Magillicutty?

I really don;t know…but now google tells me he is an established hacker and systems programmer.

How do I know him?

Well, in 1995 I started playing the first edition of Prince Of Persia, which was a version cracked by Bubba Magillicutty (remember in those days India has no access to legal software, let alone games).

I used to finish all levels legally, including the second last level, where you had a crazy guard who was almost impossible to kill unless you lost at least 2 lives in that process. Aha,that was so much fun Smile

The name stayed with me because I thought he was from Kerala Smile

(That was the era of Seirra’s Larry Lounge – an young adult game and Borland’s detective game (cant remember the name) of a guy who used to travel the world to solve crime)

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