Monday, July 04, 2011

1521 : In pursuit of the perfect weapon

Was having another of my raucous discussions with someone who is an amateur movie maker and design artist. He was referring to my post about how a slr is better than a p & s... (I have gotten so many brickbats for that post that it is now getting perplexing :-)

He was telling me how it is far better to have shot an documentary with an iPhone versus not having shot it at all.

That's a difficult and stingy argument. On a puritanical level I do agree with it. What makes it fascinating is when you extend it to include the inane - "picasso would have been better off doodling than not painting at all" or "beethoven could have been better of composing cacophony than not doing his choral 9th at all."

Get the drift ?

My peeve is that unless you are a reductionist, you simply cannot separate the tools from the workmen - and yes you can always create a pseudo masterpiece on paper but creating it on canvas is (as always) timeless.

Don't get me wrong...I am not trying to conjoin the artist and his tools, but instead am trying to highlight the fact that knowing aperture, dof, shutter and iso is not just enough....getting your camera to behave as your eye does (adjusting white balance in a matter of milliseconds) is the real beauty of the art...and that possibly is the lure and muse of photography as a refined art.

Enough said...this is not a defense, but instead it is the start of a full blooded debate :-)

Just so that you know this is my first post using an IPad. And I am so bloody in love with this technology :-) (and the fact that I would not have typed this on impulse but for the fact that the iPad allows me to kill and type at the same time)

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