Sunday, July 03, 2011

1520 : Western Classical

I spent the best part of my flight(s) listening to Western classical. I listened to Beethoven’s 5th and 6th, Beethoven’s 9th (the choral version) and Mozart’s 40th (we all love that…thanks to Titan…that used to their brand music for a long time).

I must have heard Beethoven’s 9th some 5 times during the flight, and probably for the first time after about 9 years….and yet I could predict the next note coming along to the T. It sounded so familar and personal. (I must have heard it at least 500 times while growing up).

The joy of listening to these classics after years – especially the 9th – cannot be captured in words. Loved the experience.

Go grab the 9th if you can…will be worth the pennies you spend on it.

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