Sunday, July 03, 2011

1517 : The child sleeper

I love getting little toddlers to sleep (getting them to sleep, and not “putting” them….sweets has admonished my “English” so many times on these matter…that I shall remember it till eternity)

But going back, I can go endlessly at even the most raucous and troublesome infants. I love the process of getting them to sleep. As they rest on your chest, snore into your shirt and snuggle into your body pits….

Its divine. The love and happiness such a process can offer is almost zen like.

If there is at all such a profession – I want to become a professional “child sleeper” Smile

If none such exists, then I am happy to sign up to being the first in line….Smile

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Anonymous said...

Let me know when you sign up. I'll volunteer to be the child ;-) and jokes apart idid'nt see much difference in putting/getting to sleep, till I read ur blog

Amitabh said...

Whoever you are hope you light as a baby ))

Anonymous said...

Assuming u will not publish this.

I leave it to you to judge..:-)

Do you ever sleep? I see your posts at all crazy hours and then u say that u went for a jog at 5:30 in the morning.
You sure love this more than your day job.

Amitabh said...

Deary, this is a very amusing situation. So you want me to reply to your q without knowing who you are. I do sleep, or try to, but then again, I have lovely company at night - who wakes me up every now and then for a night time siesta, but then dozes off himself quickly...leaving me to fend for my own devices ))