Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1511 : Ipoo’ed

"Life" as I have known and understood so far is nothing but the undiluted and blatant desire to live, be alive and perpetuate life.
Life will do anything to fight decay, death and statis.
If you find that definition - either far too obvious or exaggeratedly shocking -  I would say look no further - study a stray dog or an amoeba (under the microscope)…. It will be a good reminder to all of us about the fundamental "purpose" of living.  We humans seem to be a slightly distracted lot in that department :-) Its also fashionable to say “I give up” in the face of every small impediment.  If someone drooped and told me “I give up”,  I would say “f you”, life does not allow you to "give up",  its hardwired not to, what you do need to give up is your steady decline into suicide.

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1 comment:

mr bojangles said...

true... traits conducive to survival get propagated - natural selection. if a life form did not have the 'survival' trait, over the years, its numbers would reduce.

now, traits conducive to survival depend on many factors. some peoples needed to stand up and fight, and those that did survived. others needed to blend and be non-confrontational.

most is nature, vis-a-vis nurture.. so it depends - whether or not you want to look on it as a 'purpose'.