Sunday, June 12, 2011

1509 : Driving the wrong car(t)

I have been stuck with a p&s (point and shoot) camera for the past 2 weeks. A Sony W250 – which in itself is not a run of the mill p&s.

And yet…my fingers are itching for a propah camera. (For folks who missed it – I have been on D90 for about an year, and before that with a prosumer Canon SX1IS (the best in that series!!still retails around 450) for about 2 years).

As I have lived through the past 2 weeks, there have been at least 10 times when I have asked this question – whyTF would someone put up with a p&s….

Size – does it matter? Very frankly, I would rather miss the shot and memory and shoot a crappy overexposed, ill metered frame which most p&s offer anyways.

Give me the beast anytime, for any occasion. A photograph is but a memory (I think Paul Simon said that!!) – I suggest we respect that thought….and to capture a memory use some sensible tool – unless of course you cannot afford it or something like this – but in that case – I suggest you dont capture the snap in the first place.

Am still wondering WHY – meanwhile looking forward to laying my hands on a new shiny mean giant soon.

So looking forward to it Smile Life does offer some mercies.

(Similar question  - why would you drive the Verna when you can afford and drive the 5 series…unless you are one of those who make a virtue of minimalism – which is such a completely f***ed up state of existing).

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1 comment:

SR (who else ) said...

So many points to disagree at so many levels that I 'gave up' on the idea of writing it. But what you are saying is akin to the tourist who is viewing the distant exotic bird with his telescopic zoom on his dslr and comments - " Look at the color contrast this camera is able to capture and that too on such a distant object " and thereby neither enjoying the view of something so rare or creating any special memory !!! P&S rocks in that it provides the ability to capture the very memory which you want at the right time. Give me an old worn out black and white photograph from my childhood and I would readily exchange it for a million of the random well formed photos taken with a dslr. Cheers. Miss this banter.