Wednesday, June 08, 2011

1504 : Ugly bastards :-)

Some of the clothes folks wear to the gym are so awef-inspiring….(I said “awef” and not awe!!). Picture this, a greasy middle aged fat porky chap – with fat thick flappy arms (believe me…I have no problems with him so far….its what follows – his clothes that bug me!!) wearing a sleeveless vest exposing his thick luscious underarm hair….yoohooo Smile

Or this lady who is really heavy and proportioned (I omitted the “well” bit!!), she wears clothes at least 3 sizes small – and everytime she is around – everyone is distracted –not because of the glass figure (I omitted the “hour” bit !!) – but because everyone is seriously worried – will the clothes shred themselves and fire at unwitting fellow gymmers – a la carpet bomb…..

Get the drift?

Well, if you think I am being nasty….I am. Look being built like Danny Devito myself – balding, short and portly Smile, I dont have problems with the guy’s flab or with the lady romancing amazon – what seriously gets my goat is the choice of attire.

And these folks who seem to have wealth and means – what they seem to lack is wisdom….and of course a full length mirror Smile Either of those would do the trick Smile

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