Saturday, April 09, 2011

1472 : Diction is everything

I was overhearing someone yesterday, who was referring to either his wife or daughter (presumably so) as Bur-ka. I am assuming her name would be Barkha- the full bloodied “kha” like the English word “thorn”.

My own diction is not the best – owning to my South Indies roots and Bumbai upbringing.

Yet, I at least (think so) that I make a sincere attempt to learn the right enunciations (an act of proclaiming versus pronouncing) from folks like Prashant or Mum.

If it was indeed his daughter, how do you give someone  beautiful name like Barkha, and then call her Bur-ka.

My lament is, not that he was wrong, my real lament is….we think its perfectly okay to be wrong…and there is no reason (in this modern world of twits …ha ha!!) to get any better at language, pronunciations and the spoken word.

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