Sunday, April 03, 2011

1467: Why I need to be gifted “Facebook for Dummies”…

On the back of two conversations I had with Prashant and Mum. Its no secret that I struggle with Facebook and Twitter and the ilk.

What do I struggle with? Well…its the transactional bit. “Changed into shorts right now” will get tagged as “like”. My view is – I don’t want to know your attire at this point.

What I crave for instead is meaningful conversation. I am in the old world aristotle mode – nothing stirs me up like a good old fashioned debate.

Facebook is not about debate. Its instead about urinary commentary.

Whenever I am at Bombay – I drive back home with mom – thats like a good 2 hrs to have lazy conversations. Now thats an example of what I crave for – lazy ambling going-nowhere conversations – with my spouse, sister, mother, father and kid(and I miss that with quite a few !!)

Will I never join Facebook? I will, in probability, someday soon. The peer pressure is too much to resist.

That said, I look forward to a future with less chattiness, more meaning and deep connect with my social network Smile

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