Saturday, April 02, 2011

1464 : Not black and white at all

Picture this. There is this prime plot in your city. A builder buys this and decides to build 5 and only 5 homes there. Now the whole world and their mothers and wifes and daughters want to have a piece of this cake. The going rate for this property is 10L and at least 10000 folks want one of the houses.

By some quirky twist in fate – you lucked in. You landed a house at 10L. Next day you get a call from a few others who are willing to offer you a premium to buy it off you. Some are willing to offer as much as 20L….a cool 100% you shall make in a day. You decide to bail out.…you will use this 20L to buy a grand village house.

Technically you used a skewed demand – supply equation to your advantage – and this whole transaction is considered perfectly legal in every sense of the word.

I have been pondering, how different this is from – me landing up with 2 tickets to the WC final, and then deciding to sell it at a 100% profit. Why is that considered illegal, a “black marketeering profit”?

Wonder wonder.

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