Friday, March 25, 2011

1463 : How the mighty have fallen

India defeated Australia in a world cup cricket quarterfinal today. My dad was going on and on that we have given those duffers a good thrashing.

I tried telling my dad…all of what he was saying was technically right….we had indeed defeated the once world champions….and the mighty indeed had fallen….but spare a thought….This Australian team represents the lowest ebb in Australian Cricket – especially when we baseline against the last 20 years.

In the same period (20 years), this Indian team today represents the best we shall ever get.

A team in its bottom-most trough and another at its crescendo resonating peak….and yet….today on the pitch they looked like equals. India just about won….infact at one point, I thought they almost lost.

You can always choose to beat a thoroughbred champion who is temporarily impaired(like we opportunistically accomplished today!!)….but pays to remember, you can never rest on the throne for too long….because the fallen champ’s phoenix will rise again……their dna knows only one thing….they are hardwired to winning….and on that day of reckoning,  you shall be reduced back again to the spineless concubine Smile

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1 comment:

Prashant said...

Sadly, what you are saying is correct. The idea is that now that they have fallen, dont let them get up... but thats difficult. So, now that we have risen, lets not fall till next 4 years... bu thats impossible. So, just enjoy the victory till it lasts. :)