Saturday, February 19, 2011

1444 : The Razor’s Edge



I read Somerset Maugham’s The Razor’s Edge 24 years ago, in my early teens. I have now started listening (audio book) at this time (again!!)

If there was one book which influenced my life and ideals in my early days, it has to be this one. I had loaned it the from the British Council Library at Mittal Chambers.

Wanted to mention this on the blog as an reminder for essential reading for my daughter Smile Whenever she is old enough to read this blog post, she will also know how to source and read this book.

Thank you Mr. Maugham. I owe you one. Is that a nice Summing Up?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

1443 : An Apple a day keeps the doctor away

Read the rumor that Steve Jobs has 6 more weeks possibly with a rare pang and a twitch. Its ironic given that I am not one of the Apple munching Zombies…I still like my rooms to have Windows.

Yet to not acknowledge the impact he has had on modern life – is akin to turning a blindside to the historical importance of the Prophet.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

1442 : The cosmic game of calling each other names

In response to the rechristening request The Lord, in his beatific brilliance, intoned….in what turned out to be a cosmic version of the famed “Deal or No Deal” game…. “Do you definitely want to rechristen to the new name you have chosen (Wail Murugun), or can I, in my infinite wisdom, offer you the name hidden behind door 3.”

The care-takers obviously had no idea of what lay in store for them behind “door 3”. It was “Wail Murugun” vs. unanticipated nothingness. They twiddled their thumbs and pondered….

Meanwhile, working in a sweatshop, where the codebase for this game was being managed( post being outsourced, to where else, but in our very  namma Bangalore…or as the Lord would put it, it had been bangalored…a term he had liberally borrowed from Obama)….gave us surreptitious access to what was stored behind “door 3”.

In that huge 20*30 room, lay a mahogany table at the center, which had a 3M sticky at the center, which had been neatly folded at the center, and at the center of which was a name scribbled in neat unmistakable bold letters.


1441 : The joy of eating Maggi

There is a delightful “neither here nor there “ irony in munching Maggi at 4am in the morning. It gets highly exaggerated when it turns out to be “Romantic Capsica” flavor –my mostest favouritest Maggi flavor (from my childhood), re-launched after almost a 20 year hiatus.

Slurp….am loving it Smile

1440 : The story behind rechristening….

He used to wake up 3-4 times during the nocturnal hours howling and crying. The “down to my last hair” caregivers seized the opportunity, and went to the Lord and requested for a rechristening…..They wanted his new name to be “Wail Murugan” Smile