Saturday, January 29, 2011

1438 : Work life balance continued…

(contd.) From my previous post. Its fashionable in India to define work life balance in a way where implicitly “work” appears as a chore, and “balance” refers to how easily you can slack off…before it get detected.

I view work differently. I view work as something I need to/have to enjoy. Something I have to do for the next 25 years(even though I might not survive that long) and most certainly something that I want my children and family to take pride in.

I think a whole host of people, including several I know, view their work as a “revenue stream”, as a means to an end (which itself is very smokily defined…and has no clear exit/entry criteria), as a filler…..

I often ask people – when I am at my disruptive best – “you are 30 today, can you sustain this level of boredom and compromise, till you are 45? If yes, good for you…else button up before you get brutally sodomized”.

We need to remember that a career and work is a 35 year marathon. We need to pace ourselves. Our spouses, children, parents, friends  all will move on or die at some point –what will be left at some point on the day of reckoning is what you made of yourself and your precious little life.

Compromises and “easy routes” are not discounted items on that bloody report card….am indictment that your own spouse, parents, friends and children will mirror back at you some day – when they shall also judge you. I suggest we all prepare for that Judgement Day in earnest, and today…tomorrow seems so far away.

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