Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1426 : In the air tonight



I was reading this month’s Rolling Stones magazine and it had a poignant story on Phil “In the air tonight” Collins….about his failed marriages, about Noel Callagher (from Oasis) rankling him as a failure and the ilk.

I don’t know about others, but I have grown up listening (and liking) to Collins, both in his Genesis Avatar (Jesus he loves me…and he knows I am right!!) and his solo (I can feel it coming in the air tonight!!).

It felt sad and weird to see a man once so loved, to get such a livery treatment from the modern world. I dont think he deserves such a fall from grace.

I think Oasis should go back to playing Wonderwall (their only hit single and thats how it shall probably ever be!!) and let the hero be.

Mr. Collins, there are enough like me who wish you “Another day in paradise”. We love you for what you are, inspite of your hazaar failings.

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