Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1425 : Don’t give up

Being with a baby is an education in itself. In multiple ways, the kid demonstrates that he is willing to climb Everest everyday to just survive…..the plaintive simple beauty of “living for another day” is just there to see.

And yet, such a “fighter” evokes the wimpiest of responses in us sub-urban darlings. Every pang of his, multiplies geometrically into the surrounding world of adults.

My snide suspicion is, we are not fussed up about his pain…but the anguish it is causing us. The kid….well, he is ready and bracing for the next 8k ascent.

Ironically, our wimpyness distils out in a situation, where Uncle Universe (via the kiddo) is trying to instruct us to never ever give up.

(Listen to the brilliant “Don’t give up” by Peter Gabriel and Sinnead O’Connor) 

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