Monday, January 24, 2011

1421 : Fine Young Cannibals

Leave two people for enough time with each other, and they shall eventually start gnawing at each other, chewing – progressively biting off bigger and bigger chunks from the other.

The question is not :  “why?” (we are all cannibals!!), “when?”(eventually!! time tending to infinity)….the right question is “what is at stake?”

The answer to that question is omniprescient – it holds all future answers to all questions asked and even those, which are not yet thought of.

To stab with a knife and progressively check for how much flesh you can scale off the other, without actually letting her die…is the fine art of “living”.

And conversely, knowing that we are all constantly in this delicate balance of feeding off each other….is a affirmation of my belief….that while not “living”, we are all busy “dying”.

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