Monday, January 24, 2011

1417 : Down(s) and Up(s)

Picture this.

The gym in my complex faces the pool. I was at the treadmill, jogging away, when I saw a girl (early 20s) and a man (late 50s) come into view.

They were clearly here to evaluate my complex, possible to either rent or buy and the pool was  a necessary check box in that process.

The girl was dressed in a blue jeans, a read full sleeved tee, with a white lining shirt inside; and the older man was dressed in a chinos, black shoes, yellow tee and a black full sleeved sweater on top of the dress. He had spectacles which had a wiry ribbon running around his neck….the kind of loop, used to prevent accidental slipping of the spectacles.

The old man had silver and grey hair…and the girl looked fit and energetic with a short smart crop of hair. They most definitely looked father and daughter.

For a few minutes as they stood by the pool, I could see them animatedly discussing something….but wait, there was something else.

He was twitching and shaking his right hand vigorously….and his neck too in tandem….a la Parkinson’s or like someone who had had Down’s for a long time.

My human interest antenna spiked up. The father – daughter (I am going to presume that !!) duo spoke as if, nothing was wrong at all….just as any other duo would.

I found that fascinating….and in some sense I knew I was witnessing love and trust in its purest form…and more importantly, this was a demonstration of that special something…..which makes some of us, achieve that little personal greatness.

I did post a few weeks ago, that I am unable to recall things in the mind’s eye….this duo, I can recall now…and looks like they are etched enough for me to be able to summon even in my last days Smile

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