Sunday, January 16, 2011

1410 : My voice is out there

I don’t know about you, but I am so utterly  fascinated with the idea, that I can open my window and scream “Hello”, and lo!! I have added entropy into the universe.

The sound waves of my “hello” will keep travelling infinitely for eons, travelling light years ad infinitum…..

The energy I have released will add chaos to the world and I have most definitely added entropy into the world.

If we extrapolate this onto a philosophical platter, then every single word we say, act we do….perpetrates within the cycle of karma….and hence we must act on our own definition of “dharma” and do the little “right” or “correct” things…

On a more earthy plane, I know this blog will continue to be there, as long as Google does not go belly up, or till someone continues to pay for this.

Will be strange and eerie…to have my words leap out of a page (at you and the reader)….long after I am gone. In some sense, this is my Milan Kundera version of immortality…my only legacy which can survive for generations, if it still has contextual relevance.

Here is to my legacy … hic hic !!

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