Sunday, January 16, 2011

1409 : Have you met Solly Solanka recently?

(Now, probably, this post is going to reveal more about me that I like, but then I choose this multiplicity ( too) Smile)

The greatness of an author lies in the fact that he can make you relate to one of his characters….Be the Howard Roark or Toohey (from Fountainhead) or Saleem Sinai (from Midnight’s children) or Gregor Samsa (from Kafka’s eponymous Metamorphsis)….

We choose to like characters who we think mirror some of our real life qualities (if not wholly, at least in some part!!). The magic of the written word ensures that a whole host of real world people associate with Saleem Sinai.

Ever so rarely does a character come around who mirrors you edge for edge, boil for boil and bling got bling !!

I am through my second reading of Fury (Salman Rushdie’s book based out of New York). The protagonist is a character named Malik ‘Solly’ Solanka – and the book in itself is a fantastic exploration of fury as a doppelganger. By some accounts, Malik is fashioned on the author himself.

I see so many parallels between Solly and myself, that it is now turning out to be eerie. My anger problem, my passionate views on life, my ability to just walk out, my views on the ignoble profession of doctors, my apparent “correctness” in the shadow of the “wrong”, and the weakness of the soul….the list is endless. In most situations fictionalized within the book, Solly’s response is exactly the response which I would have in that situation….almost inch for inch….heart for heart !!

Want to know me (how blastedly narcissistic Smile….you should know, I bloody blog !!)….read Fury. Worth the pennies spent.

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