Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1406 : Escape like Houdini

Prashant and I were debating – using some of the lives we commonly know of – how some of us end up showing escapist tendencies in situations.

His view was “escapism is terrible and can seep through all aspects of life”.

I feel that we all escape things where we think :
1) Easier options exist (who does not want a job for a few lakhs more in the city of your dreams…I most definitely do)
2) The battles are not worth fighting ( I dont want to be correct at a RTO or any other government office…I will have to bunk office for 5 days to renew my license…I rather choose the “correct” option Smile)
3) Where something more important is at stake

For example, my health is a topic for escapism – I simply dont want to talk about it too much especially to leechy doctors. So is my complete disdain for parents who are obsessed with doing everything right for their kids….I would rather just let destiny be…and let the water run dry, if it has to.

I am an escapist, a terrible one at that, I don’t point fingers at others and most definitely, hence, cannot be holier than thou Smile

Having said that, in the ideal utopian world, I would teach my kid to have the same ideals as Prashant (on this topic).

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