Wednesday, January 05, 2011

1393 : Lament

Prashant and I were talking in office about our favorite singers. We were standing close to a bunch of cubicles.Hearing names like Kumar Gandharv, Jasraj, Rashid Khan, Bhimsen Joshi – a few bystanders jokingly told us that “they were now sure that we were in our late forties”…
What they meant was our taste in music was so old worldish…

I was almost tempted to unleash on them my current favorites from Eddie Vedder and Green Day, but then I let it be…I was not interested in defending, yet, I also wanted to push back on their suggested equivalence between classical music and “antiquity”.

A silent dirge passed through me, as I realised that a whole generation has been skipped by a whole generation….and sadly, in this case, the leapfrogging in this case seems like a curse.

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