Saturday, December 25, 2010

1373 : Anti–God?

A certain Muslim I know and respect a lot, walked upto me and asked me – “did you know that the Verses have hurt us a lot? How come you are not ashamed of idolizing such a book?”

I was sensitive to the pain he was in, because he definitely seemed anguished….I almost wanted to apologize. I asked him very politely, had he read the book? He said no.

I then proceeded to tell him that the Verses to me have been an eye opener about Islam – about its good and bad – about the unabashed violent roots it has, but also about the utopian peace and ideal society that the Prophet so benevolently craved for.

Being a Hindu (on paper) – I have read with equal interest Irawati Karve’s Yuganta which rips apart Mahabharata.

The idea for me is not to malign or to “paint black” but to understand the world as “it is” and not as “we see”.

Knowing the world “as is” is finding your little personal God.

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