Friday, December 24, 2010

1370 : Taste the thunder

An addition to my poison list of 1)Chai and 2)my sis’s brilliant mulled wine (I miss her and the bloody wine so much, that it causes a terrible heartache every friday!!) and the 3)……(read on)

Take a fresh red chilli (you will get at supermarkets), not the dried ones. Remove the seeds, grind it in a mixie. Take one freshly squeezed lime. 300 ml Thums Up (no coke and pepsi please!!). Tonic Water (which I love) is another alternative.

3-4 cubes of ice. Stirred, shaken and served.

Ah! smack !!

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1 comment:

Vinay @ said...

Was at a super market over the weekend and happened to see tonic water. Remembered this post, so got a couple of bottles and tried it @ home. Unusual but quite nice ! Next step, want to try it with a couple of drops of chili oil + thums up + lime :-) .. Let's see how it goes.