Saturday, November 20, 2010

1339 : My worm hole

There are a lot of things that I am still getting used to at my (new) worm hole and a (bigger) lot of things that I might never ever fundamentally agree with.

There is one very remarkable cultural aspect though, it reminds me in a dozen different ways every waking day : to aspire to be the best; to do the best possible with resources; to be conscious its a dog eat dog world – you pause and the guy behind will run over you; to always carry a chip over your shoulder reminding you that you are just as good as you are today….the past is history.

And in this, my worm hole is relentless in its lack of reprieve – to the extent, that at times the pressure can even end up breaking the most resilient shoulders.

For this reason, and for this alone(inspite of the hazaar shortcomings of this place), I don’t know whether I shall ever manage to work at another place ever.  It inspires me to move ahead in life (and not just at my work).

Its a bit like runner’s high…if you know what I mean….you run 10 gruelling kms, torturing your body, but at the end your mind is happy and giggling…..almost, for the same reason, I thoroughly completely love my worm hole….its a bit like a drug, for which I shall happily go through my daily ordeal Smile

(My worm hole is the corporate I work for Smile)

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