Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1335 : Schools in Bangalore

Before you get ideas, I am not hunting for schools in Bangalore. My last status in the bumkum Facebook was “issueless”, now of course I have “died” on facebook. RIP. Clarification over.

Having said that, this place seems full of some really rocking schools. I keep talking to people and the schools and their infrastructure seem so out of whack when compared to Bombay.

You have huge schools, residential or otherwise, and by Bombay standards, not that terribly expensive. Large integrated playgrounds, fantastic professional day care, schools which allow you to prepare for London Music School…..get the drift.

Agreed, kids here might miss out on the “dog eat dog” approach of a big city…..but why even aspire that for kids. You want kids to “experience” and assimilate.

By the time they hit college, they will be dogging anyways Smile

Definitely its so much more fun being a kid here than in a big city. Just the open spaces, and alternative thought streams should open their mind a bit more.

As of now, knowing very little about this city, I wish, in my next birth, I am born as a Bangalore kid. Thats a good wish coming from an atheist right Smile

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