Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1333 : Big Moose

Its taken me years to figure out some things and (some of) the “rules” of the world….and meanwhile, all the time, defining/updating a working personal philosophical guidebook for my life. Some of the guidebook entries are topsy turvy and radical (no matter that Shri feels otherwise Smile)…and yet….

There are days on which I am talking to someone and as part of the conversation, (I) subtly mention some part of my “guidebook”, and the other person nods vigorously, (supposedly) agrees with me and then proceeds to tell me “I have had the same approach since I was 12?”…..

At those points I feel dumb…I feel it took me years to arrive here….and I am still not sure I am on the “correct” road….and “you” knew it since 12. It hurts my fragile infantile ego that I am so “dohh”!!

And invariably when I look back and reflect what did he do, that I did not…..the answer is …. “he watched all seasons of KBC and now Big Boss” Smile

(The sceptic in me, harbors a belief that, even if I had mentioned, “This took me years to figure – before every “good beginning” in life, if I ruminate, fantasize and meditate for 2 deep minutes on Pamela’s twin peaks – the “beginning” is a smash success”…..he would adopt a poker face – the intellectual grimace – nod, and then say “I have been doing that since I was 12” Smile

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mr bojangles said...

actually, psychologists believe one's basic personality is formed when by the time one is five, and that genetics have a large role to play in it. why not give an enneagram test. you could read up on enneagrams while you're at it.