Monday, November 01, 2010

1307 : Living man…who taught me how to die

I work (or try to contribute) in some miniscule way to cancer care….no real reason…just that my search for meaning lead me there.

I do meet people who are associated and impacted by Leukemia all the time.

I met someone 3 days ago, someone I know and not yet know :-). This guy has gone through a Bone Marrow Transplant 4 years ago. If you understand what that means, good for you….if you dont, well…its about 3 times as difficult as climbing mount Everest.

As I saw him(and his spouse and daughter) laughing, joking about that time and phase of his life…I knew this was something “special”.

As my mom says, human beings have infinite strength…they just don’t know when to call upon that. I looked at this person and smiled…he seemed to exactly know how to call upon that strength.

He had lost a dear friend from a similar ailment this year…gone just like that…!! funtoosh !!

In more senses than one….the lucky one in me….. felt tiny, humbled and wiser !!

If you are not living, you are indeed busy dying (sorry Dylan !!)

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