Thursday, October 21, 2010

1297 : Be careful of what you wish for

Sri and I were chatting up yesterday, and one of the things that we debated was….did upbringing or nurture matter.

If I understood it right, we both agreed that upbringing is fundamentally important…where we differed was…and probably wildly….he felt that upbringing should not be tailored to a end goal….and I almost feel there has to be a goal….probably not a 10,000 ft goal, but lets say a 40,000 ft view foal.

Lets say, for example, my goal is have my daughter, grow upto be a good human being….or I wish that she grows up to be very beautiful….or I wish that she gets all the opportunities to excel at music….

I strongly feel, some goal is essential. Like if I had kids, I would want him/her to be an individual, not conform with the ways of the world, just because he has….I wish he/she has her definition of “personal greatness” and chases that up. Above all, I definitely wish this person to be a good human being.

All of this is subjective….but said that, you cannot be ambivalent about Mother Teresa, Mukesh Ambani, Sachin Tendulkar or Amitabh Bachan. They are what they are…you can either aspire to be that….or you can choose not to.

Sri’s point was, and quite rightly so, that “you cannot/should not define a goal for the child…she shall figure it out eventually when the time is right.”

His point sounds right, but mine continues to be…set any human being without a goal….and he shall meander.

I dont want my girl to meander.

Makes any sense?

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Viji said...

there is much learning
and understanding
in meandering
even the meandering stream
finds its oceanbed

Anonymous said...

my point is that, theprocess of arriving at a goal is as much a part of 'living' that it is a pleasure that should not be taken away. What I believe we should do is to equip our kids with the means to traverse that journey..those means could be any be it spiritual, physical or anything that we have learnt in our life as tools that will assist in the journey. And I do not see that journey as a wasted effort. Amma has put that in the best possible way - Shri