Sunday, October 17, 2010

1288: The relevance of context

I have been exploring local(read Indian) lullabies and local nursery rhymes. I have come to naught, save a brilliant Bombay Jayashri album on lullabies, and some equally outstanding rhymes by Karadi Tales.

I hate the old rhymes like Jack and Jill and the ilk. They are not only tasteless, they also lack any subtle context. If there is a Roald Dahl “Revolting Rhymes” audio cd, I shall get it today.

How many Indians does it require to realize that the time is right to replace the old with the new. Parents spend so much on their kids….do they ever pause and wonder…what shit they are imparting to their kids? Because if they did, a subtle and clear market for quality stuff would exist.

No wonder our children never see the complete beauty of poetry or the subtle magical harmony of a lullaby.

(BTW, the Bombay Jayashri album was a gift from my sister.)

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