Sunday, October 17, 2010

1284 : The pleasure of finding things out



I have been reading Richard Feynman’s The pleasure of finding things out – for the third time. I read it once in 2000, then in 2008 and now in 2010.

Everytime the book has left me thoroughly enriched. I also keep telling people, that parts of the book contain the best distilled advice on parenting that I have ever found. Maybe, I relate to it better because my natural parenting style is very similar to Richard’s father…so in some sense, it feels good to get another reaffirmation that I am not all wayward !!

If I had kids, I will ensure that they are encouraged to disrespect and break down every structure that does not make sense to them. To question is to think, and to think is to fight, to fight notions is to live.

I would encourage every parent to read this book at least once….actually if you had time, read all of Feynman’s works….it will be worth the $5 and time you spent a million times  over.

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