Sunday, October 10, 2010

1277 : The second coming…

I was reading the Forbes list of Indian billionaires….its Mumbai dominated….and will continue to be that way. Bangalore and Delhi are far away seconds.

Having lived in Bangalore for some time now, and seeing the pace of “delta” (change) here… sense tells me that this city will soon at some point become a clear second (still very distant from Mumbai)…other Metros better watch out.

Bangalore has a great cosmo fabric….and it feels like a hungry city(Ironically, not enough good restaurants in this city.). If I were to bet on a city, other than Mumbai, it will have to be Bangalore.

Can I live here forever? My answer does not really matter, the world conspires in strange unpredictable ways.

(BTW, I dont mean to indicate that my metric for a good city is the number of billionaires it has. On a side note… first cut comparisons between Bangalore and Mumbai :

Mumbai is full of soul and life. Its a city that has arrived and is actually is slowly stagnating…..its a city where you learn to fight to survive. Quality of life is very compressed and restrained.

Bangalore on the other hand, is a vibrant city very hungry to get there. Space and weather will beat all Metros hands down. So will the schools, the social awareness and the desire to be “better”….this is a city whose time has not arrived.

Hopefully, we are part of the baby boomers here :-))

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